The Used DVD store

usdvdToday, after eating lunch at my favorite Thai restaurant, I needed to waste some time rather than go back to work so I stopped by the used DVD store just a few stores down.

I really didn’t need anything in particular and was just looking to see if anything caught my eye for a good price.  I wandered up and down the aisles but didn’t see anything special.

The worst part was the uncomfortable feeling I had being in the store.  I was going to leave without buying anything from a store that is probably desperate for some sales.  I probably shouldn’t have gone inside.  I slipped silently out the door feeling guilty.

It is a sad thing to see the death of physical media.  I remember the prior to the emergence of the DVD.  Even the CD.  I was thinking about how futuristic it was to have movies, much less music, on a plastic disk that didn’t need to be rewound.  We were truly living in an advanced time.

Now it’s old news.  One day, when the internet permanently goes down, the man with the disks will be King.