Is it safe to eat tuna?

stkstnaNo.  Seriously.  I want to know.

It was just before the meltdown at Fukushima that I discovered the awesomeness that is pre-made StarKist tuna salad.  You just spread it on bread and enjoy!  Perhaps the best invention since sliced bread.

Now that the ongoing meltdown situation in Japan is dumping thousands of gallons of radiation contaminated water into the Pacific ocean every day, the safety of consuming seafood is highly suspect.

One website I found contained real-life test data where radiation found in tuna was only slightly higher than the standard background radiation that permeates our bodies every day.  Although this might indicate that it is within our daily recommended intake of radiation, it is obvious that any radiation is bad for you.

The FAQ on StarKist’s website indicates that they do not use farm raised fish.  It is all caught wild in the Pacific Ocean.  I don’t know why it might have been preferred that way in the past but I would certainly prefer that it was farm raised now.

I have already reduced my consumption of the wonderful tuna salad spread but I can’t help craving it.  I am a big fan of seafood in general and don’t want to give it up.

The situation at Fukushima will not get much better anytime soon.  Remember Chernobyl?  Yeah.

I don’t know what I am going to do.



One thought on “Is it safe to eat tuna?

  1. Gary Pete

    sorry, have no facts to give you, but my nephew, who loves fish, now says that seafood is not safe to eat

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