Feeling super restless

I am feeling really messed up this week.  The weather has been nice and I’m all cooped up with nowhere to go.

I’m stuck at work every weekday looking out at the sunshine.  Alternately I can’t go anywhere because it is spring break.  Far too many people milling about to make going anywhere enjoyable.  Frustration…..Anger…..Hopelessness.

When I finally get home, I have nothing to do there either.  Everything on my to-do list is done within reason.  I am now pacing around the house randomly shouting obscenities to nobody.  I hate it when I am like this.  There’s not even anything good on TV.

Maybe next week I will feel better because Spring Break will be over and I can take a few days off and maybe go somewhere.  Where, I don’t know. I’ll probably just get in the car and drive.  Away is good.

I don’t know.  My life is stuck in a rut again.  I have nothing to look forward to.  Short term or long term.  Nothing.  I need a major project but have no ideas.  It is making me want to go out on an eating binge.  Eating makes me happy.  It’s a wonder I’m not fat.  It is taking all my willpower to not hit the buffets.

I don’t like this universe.  It’s all wrong.