Neighbor killing squirrels?

sqrlI was out in my backyard today when I heard the usual sound of someone pumping a BB-gun.  My neighbor is often out there shooting at who knows what.  I can’t imagine that would be fun for more than 5 minutes.  I sure hope a BB doesn’t come my way.

Today it he seems to have moved on to harder game.  I heard a single shot and looked up to see his gray-haired head walking across the yard to the fence.  He picked something up and walked over to his garbage can.  I heard a small body thunk into the big plastic container.  He then walked back to his patio. Propped the gun against the wall and went inside.

It the thunk sounded to big to be a bird and too small to be a cat.  The only other thing it could be was a squirrel.  My mind boggled wondering why anyone would want to kill a squirrel.  I love squirrels. I wish I had one for a pet.  My backyard squirrels are my friends.  I talk to them and give them water during the blazing hot summer when they are lying in the dirt trying to keep cool.

Now this guy was not just out having fun. He’s not just a kid playing with his toy.  It was premeditated.  He is out to kill.  He is looking out the window, seeing a squirrel and coming out to shoot it.  He isn’t even eating it.

What kind of bastard kills squirrels on purpose and for what possible reason?  In what manner could they be any kind of pest to anyone?

I don’t like a universe that contains such a person.



One thought on “Neighbor killing squirrels?

  1. Yvette

    isn’t that the truth…that bastard! I have two heated birdbaths mainly for the squirrels, and I go through easily 20lbs of sunflower seeds a week on their little fat selves. Our next door neighbor was caught poisoning them with bait and got in trouble, because dogs and cats could eat the bait. So when the squirrels ate through the wood on his roof and got in his attic and chewed his a/c and heater to bits- I said GOOD. I wish they’d eaten HIM too… Animals are so much better than people 😦

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