Why do Girl Scouts sell cookies?

gscksSo what is the purpose of this activity?   Why do girl scouts need so much money? How much does it cost to go out to a park and braid lanyard?

Is this some kind of scam being perpetrated on the little kids? Fundraising scams make kids sell stuff but the company providing the goods gets the majority of the proceeds.

Something smells wrong here.  Please enlighten me.  I seriously want to know.


4 thoughts on “Why do Girl Scouts sell cookies?

  1. Gary Pete

    Boy Scouts have fund-raisers, too – sometimes to buy new camping equipment for the troop, or to provide “scholarships” for those who can’t afford to pay for summer camp

      1. Gary Pete

        oh, god – it’s been 30 yrs…I don’t remember, only that we did – you might check with the local BS council

      2. Gary Pete

        actually, if you like kidss and can pass a background check, the Scouts are always looking for adult volunteers – you can make new friends, have a lot of fun and do something good at the same time

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