Alieving boredom – Volunteering

hfhI have been thinking about doing this for years but have always pulled back because it is too hot to be outside in San Antonio and because I have stuff to do on my own house.

Now that my house is not requiring any important work and I have become bored with life, I am going to take the chance to give volunteering at Habitat for Humanity a chance.

Thanks to Gary for reminding me that volunteering might be a good idea.  There is an orientation meeting coming up this Thursday.  I think I will attend and see what is what.  I can do anything from carpentry to plumbing and electrical.  There are still a few months left before the serious heat hits the city so maybe I can get in a little work therapy.

Maybe I can meet other people who might be like me.  A long shot but who knows.  In the meantime I might be able to help others while I help myself.  I have been thinking about doing this for so many years.  Now is a great time.


Damn. I missed the orientation.  I hope I can make it to the next one on the 1st of April.

 Even Later…

I made it to the April 1st orientation.  It was basically a simple 30 minute intro.  I was disappointed to find out that they subcontract out the best parts.  Electrical, plumbing, sheetrock, etc..  Bummer.  That’s where the most fun is.  Electrical and plumbing at least, sheet rock- not so much.

I was also disappointed to find out that they just build new houses rather than remodel older ones.  I guess that’s OK though.

At least I can experience hands-on framing.  It is something I will have to do when I build my dream house when I retire.  I know the theory but have never done that before.

I guess I’ll at least give it a try.  I hope getting scheduled is not difficult.




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