Memory – The Buried Treasure

bccnWaaaay back in Elementary School, we used to run around the baseball backstops in the three corners of the playground at the beginning of P.E. class.  There was a well worn trail resulting from so many years of little shoes following the same path.

Along this running path I always noticed the top of a buried coffee can sticking slightly out of the ground.  I can’t count the number of times I passed it throughout my early school years wondering why it was there and why it was STILL there the next year.  It was right in the path waiting to trip someone but nobody ever died.  We were far tougher and smarter than today’s kids.  We didn’t trip over things that were right there in our sight so it was never really a problem.  If we did, we got up and continued running.

We often stood right there on weekends and flew our kites.  The can watched us and I watched it.

It was probably during 5th grade when I finally decided to go to the school on a weekend with a few friends and a shovel and dig it up.  What if it was there all those years and it was full of gold coins?  Wouldn’t that be an amazing treasure?

It didn’t take long to free it from its decade-long resting place.  Inside….more dirt.

Oh well.  It was something to do.