Sunbathe Naked

bartbeach2I had a half day off from work today.  When I got home after lunch the weather was warm and partly sunny.  It has been a long time since I’ve gotten any sun so I went out in the back yard and soaked a little up.

A little sun is good for you.  Sun on your skin creates vitamin D which makes you healthier and help you resist disease. Even during the summer with my pool I try not to spend more than an hour per week because too much is bad.

Today I took my audio book out with me and enjoyed an hour in the warm sun turning over every 15 minutes to keep the exposure even.  The wind was blowing strongly sometimes and the combination of breeze and sun all over my naked body was a wonderful feeling.  By the end of the summer I usually have a nice smooth all over tan.  Tanlines are bad.  Get nekkid!


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