The Story of the Jews

tsotjI have been watching “The Story of the Jews”.  A documentary on the history of Judaism on PBS.  I have always had respect for the Jewish People though I only knew the basics.

The whole story is rather long and complex and kind of impresses on me the fact that now I understand why Jews are considered annoying.

Not unlike any other religion, it originates way back when early humans tried to make sense of pointless life by making up stories about gods.  Attempting to explain their origins using what little knowledge was available to them at the time.  Trying to make sense of the world around them at a time when science had not yet been conceived.

Judaism tends to take these old stories and hangs on to them in addition to even more made-up stuff to the point where it becomes quite annoying.  I am not picking on the Jews in particular.  Christianity has made up their own strange stories in an effort to control the morals of the world.  They have become just as annoying by actively forcing their made-up laws upon others in the name of “Truth”.   These stories have been altered over time as men in power have seen fit to the point where you really can’t believe any of it.

What would have happened if the first story book ever written was “The Lord of the Rings”?  Thousands of years later we would be worshiping The God Frodo who banished the evil Sauron from Heaven.  We would all be wearing floppy wizard hats and golden rings on Sundays in church where we go barefoot and learn of the story of the great adventure through the forest.  We would come up with all kinds of meanings as it applies to our origin, the  meaning of life, and the afterlife with Frodo and Sam in the Shire.  On second thought, I kind of like that idea.  Let’s do it.

It’s kind of sad to think that since there really isn’t a god, the previous thousands of years of religious activity has been a rather fancy waste of time.  Even sadder is the fact that we will continue to waste our time far into the foreseeable future.

No offense.