Dreamblog – The Bad Restaurant

I was working on the Air Force Base I worked at 19 years ago.  I ended up in the car of some co-workers as we drove just off the base to a restaurant for lunch.  I had a vague feeling of familiarity with the place but couldn’t exactly remember being there before.

It was a large, run-down barn like building and there were a lot of other diners milling about.  I got in line for the buffet.  When I finally got to the first buffet table, I didn’t have a plate.  The first table was mostly some weird vegetables that didn’t look particularly inviting.  Most trays were almost empty.

I got out of line and wandered around looking for a plate.  The best I could find was a wok sized bowl made from banana leaves.  It was large and floppy.  There was no way I could use that for food.

I searched around and found the people I came with sitting at a table eating a fish dinner that looked quite good.  I couldn’t figure out how and where they got it so fast.

I asked them where to get a plate.  Someone at the next table handed me a used plate with leftover food still on it.  It was all there was so I took it and found a place to wash it.

I got in line again and passed the nasty looking vegetables.  Didn’t want any.  The line then continued up the stairs where I hoped there were some better selections.

I woke up before I ever got to eat anything.  What a waste of time.