– Too Expensive

adblAs my eyes get older, reading becomes more difficult.

Sure, I can wear glasses but then they make my nose close up.  Besides it feels so unnatural.

I have been experimenting with audio books and it’s kind of a nice alternative.  It also allows me to read a book in just a few weeks instead of months.  Some people read a book in a single day and I will never know how they have time for that.  If I can read two books a year, I’m doing pretty good.

I have been unable to find many sources of audio books on the internet.  Audible seems to be the main vendor.  Unfortunately the price of audio books is astronomical.  $25+ per book?  I don’t think so.  Not gonna happen.  That’s just insane.  It should, at most, cost $10.00.  Of course you could pay $14.95 per month and get a credit for one book each month.  Even that is too much for me because I may not read a book for months at a time in which case the cost per book would be even higher.  Plus I hate subscriptions.  I don’t like people with hands in my bank account every month whether I use them or not.

I guess I’ll just stick to reading the old fashioned way.  On my iPad.