Fixed my sister’s lawnmower

ndlvlvMy sister’s lawnmower had been sitting for a few years.  She was hiring a yard man to mow her grass because she was experiencing physical difficulties.  Now she is feeling better and the yard man has moved on.

Feeling benevolent I decided to mow her grass since mowing grass is pretty much what I have done since I was just old enough to push a mower.  It had been sitting for a few years and wouldn’t start.  Suspecting the float valve was stuck I removed the carburetor float bowl and confirmed my suspicion.  Being at her house without access to quality tools, I tried to free the valve with needle nose pliers.  The valve was stuck so well I ended up breaking off the tail end.

Bummer.  I offered to bring the mower home and replace the valve and give it a good cleaning.  I was able to find the replacement part on the internet and ordered it for about $7.00 with free shipping.  A great deal since I would never find it shopping around town.  The internet is good.

A few days later it arrived.  I took the carburetor off the mower and cleaned it out.  It was caked with a yellow coating which was fairly easy to remove.  A bit of carb cleaning spray and scrubbing with a toothbrush cleaned it up nicely.  I removed the jets to clean them.  Good thing because the main jet was completely clogged.

Now clean, I reassembled the carburetor using the new needle valve and bolted it back onto the lawnmower.  After a little priming, the mower coughed to life, ran a little rough then smoothed out and purred like a rather large bright yellow kitten with a handle.

Damn I’m good.  What woman wouldn’t want a man like me?  Apparently all of them.

You know.  It reminds me of my dream life.  To live in a small town and run a little fixit shop where people can bring mowers, appliances and computers to me and I can fix them. I can’t imagine a happier way to live.

One day, perhaps.