Quick Book Review – The Blackout

athblktAlways looking for a good apocalyptic read I came across Stephanie Erickson’s, “The Blackout“.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

As expected the story centers around a small town or neighborhood.  I was unable to discern exactly what it was.  A solar flare hits the earth causing an electromagnetic pulse that instantly destroys all electronics and knocks out the power grid for a long-term blackout.

I was unable to put the book down for the first half and I read that much in one day as I followed the separate stories of a woman in the town and her husband who was far away trying to walk home across multiple states.  All was enjoyable except for the second half where it became more of a boring affair situation.  Bleah.  You can skip those chapters if you want. I did.

Near the end, the power eventually comes back on but the people are slow to get back to normal life.  The book ends abruptly when the husband shows up.  Good enough.  Don’t need a lot of smarm here.

Overall It was a good read and not too long.  It gives you reason to think because this premise is highly plausible in real life.  The United States is already on the verge of an EMP attack by our many enemies.  They could pop off a couple of nukes in our atmosphere and we would instantly return to the stone age without power, supplies and services for months to years.  Many people living in our overcrowded cities will die or kill each other.  It would be far nastier than just plain nuclear obliteration.

Personally, I would like to experience this.  I don’t like our current state of being.  Too many people doing to many things.  Wasting time.  I would like the world to shrink so we can spend quality time with our families out in the country raising our own food and having people around us.  I would be one of those who would be slow to return to normal life if the power came back.  Technology has taken away what is important in life.