The Great Windshield Wiper Scam

wswprsYou should replace your windshield wipers every year.  The relentless sun hardens the rubber blades and they don’t work as well as they should leaving streaks across your field of vision.

If you go to a nearby auto parts store looking for replacements, you will find the whole blade only.  You need two and each costs $16-25 or more.  While you stand there trying to make sense of these overpriced pieces of plastic and rubber and wondering if they are impregnated with unobtanium you may just think that is your only choice and like a good little zombie consumer, pick the ones you need and go to the counter and pay almost $50.00.

Yes.  You have been scammed.

The stores used to sell “refills” for $6.00 in a pack of two.  Ask them where they are and the brain-dead clerk will say, “Huh?  Me not understand words you say.”

Don’t fall for the wiper scam.  Just measure width of the rubber on the blades on your car.  All you need to know is the length and the width.  Yes.  For some reason they come in different widths.  Even weirder, my car uses one that is 8mm and one that is 6 mm.  How stupid is that?

Anyway.  Check the measurements and go to and order your refills.  They come in 6mm, 7mm, and 8mm.

They are longer than you need.  You just break them where the metal is scored then cut the rubber with a razor blade.  Remove the old blades by squeezing the metal catch on one end and sliding it out.  Slide in the new blade.

Ba-Bam!  New blades for a fraction of the cost.  You win!

Saving money is good.