Dreamblog – Lost at the mall

I was lying in bed after just waking up.  I opened my eyes and saw that my bed was in a glass storefront looking out upon a parking lot.  Parked up near the store was an extremely wide vehicle that took up seven slots.  It had a pilot’s pod in the middle and two separately enclosed glass passenger compartments on each side.  It looked like something that could fly.

The pilot was sitting in his seat looking right at me waiting for the store to open.  He got out and walked into the liquor store next door.  I got out of bed.

I had to go to work so I went out to my car.  As I was getting ready to drive out of the parking spot, a woman walked in front of me.  The second she cleared my way I started to move.  She grabbed the side of my car and started yelling as if I had almost run over her.  I accelerated because I didn’t care to stop and listen to her bitch.  I was nowhere near running over her.

The parking lot was crowded so I rather than going down one of the parking aisles I drove to the end of the lot and down the last aisle to avoid the masses yearning to park free.  I turned right onto the street.

I had to make a left at the next light but the left lane was backed up.  I did not want to have to try to merge so I just drove up to the left and turned from the second lane.  I pissed some people off but made the turn.

As I turned, I noticed that the street sign did not have the name of the street I needed.  I knew it ran parallel to the right street so I continued down the road and ended up downtown way past where I work.

Suddenly I was walking inside a large building that seemed to be a combination of mall and convention center.  There were some department stores but the open area was full of crowds of people speaking in mexican.  It was some kind of Fiesta.  There were booths and stages everywhere.

I was lost and tried to find my way out of the thrumming masses.  It was horrible.  I made my way to an information counter.  A family came by.  A child had a small black pet beetle that he placed on the counter.  Some guy picked it up and threw it down on the counter where it broke into three pieces.  Trying to be funny, I yelled, “Cleanup on aisle 1!”  The girl behind the counter responded, “Cleanup at counter 1!”.   Behind the counter was a sign that said, “Counter 11”  so I corrected by yelling “Cleanup at counter 11!”.

I saw a man from work.  I didn’t know him personally but recognized his face.  He saw me as well.  We were both wearing our work badges.  I’m not sure if he knew me or just saw my badge.  He was holding a brand new 5-gallon aquarium with a built-in filter system and asked me for a ride to work.

I had no idea where my car was but told him that if he didn’t mind walking around to find my car I would gladly give him a ride.