Trip Report – Canyon Lake

rvatlkeHaving become unamused with work I decided I would take advantage of some really nice weather and GTFO.

I needed to make use of my new old RV before the weather gets too blazingly hot to even think about going outside.  I took Wednesday and Thursday off and packed up the rig and headed out Wednesday morning around 9:30 to avoid the standard running of the masses.

I’m starting to get a better feel for this kind of thing and did a good job packing what I needed.  I only forgot a few things but managed just fine.

The secret camping ground I picked was only 45 miles away.  About an hour drive.  Strange how close this lake is yet I have spent so little time there.  It always seemed much farther away for some reason.  Unlike Medina Lake, which is virtually empty, Canyon lake was still full since it is part of a rather largish river.

It has been a long time since I’ve seen a body of water larger than my swimming pool.  It was an easy drive and before I knew it I was backing into my reserved spot right next to the lake.  It was possibly the 2nd best spot available.  The best spot was right next to mine and had a nice shady oak tree to lounge under.  Unfortunately it was taken up by a Bus style motorhome.  Boy that baby was shiny and beautiful.  I wasn’t too jealous though.  I wouldn’t want something that big or fancy.  I like my little 1982 Holiday Rambler Imperial just fine.

After setting up and plugging in, I assembled my hammock under the moving shade of the picnic table shelter and read for a few hours.  The breeze was almost cold but enjoyable against my skin.  The sky was a nice blue without a cloud in sight.  Whenever I looked up from my book, I enjoyed the view of the lake.  Certainly better than spending the day in my dark cell at work.

Next I put on my speedo and wandered down to the water’s edge.  The water was bearable but still a bit cold.  I decided against snorkeling and just got myself a little sun.

After that I decided to ride my bike around the rest of the park to see what it looked like.  It is basically a peninsula.  Down at the end was a tent campground.  There were a couple of tents but no people or cars.  I wonder where they went.  The area was completely deserted.  I like that.

The whole park is pretty basic.  The only thing here is what you bring with you.

When I got back to my ship I was hot and tired from pedaling.  Bicycles are so much harder to ride than they used to be.  I think they have changed the way they are made or something.  I need to find an old bike that is easy to ride like the one I had when I was a kid.

I cooled off in the shade and breeze then fixed myself a nice spaghetti dinner.  Yeah, barbecuing is the standard fare but I wanted to do something different.  It was good.

snstAbout that time, the sun was setting over the lake.  I got some nice shots.  I can’t remember the last time I saw a sunset.  At my house, the sun just goes behind the trees and houses.  Not very satisfying.

I was looking forward to the darkness so I could see the stars.  Another thing I don’t get to see much of on a regular basis.

cmpfrI built myself a small fire in the fire ring for a little companionship.

As darkness fell, the moon was about 2/3 full in a cloudless sky.  Had the moon not been out I might have been able to see the Milky Way.  Still it was nice enough that I could easily see Orion and the Big Dipper.

I watched a few planes fly by and even saw a satellite pass right through the handle of the Dipper.  Cool.  Not many people notice satellites.  They look like tiny stars moving quickly through the sky.  Faster than a plane and non-blinky.

When I got tired of stars and fire I went inside, took a shower and watched “12 Years a Slave”.  That looks like a most unpleasant experience.  Glad it wasn’t me.  I easily fell asleep when it was over.

The next morning I woke up with sun streaming through the windows.  I made myself some waffles and read some more until about 11:30.  I wanted to hit the non-rush window between 1-4 when I got back to the city.

It was a fairly relaxing trip.  It would have been much more relaxing had I not been getting texts from work complaining that a server was down.  I ignored them.  I’m on vacation.  Screw that.  I’ll deal with the repercussions tomorrow.  It’s not my fault.  I don’t have anyone qualified to back me up and I need vacation sometimes.

Overall I’m feeling even more confident about my RV.  I worried about it’s reliability considering its age.  It only has about 60K miles on it but sits around a lot.  So far it has been nicely reliable.  I think I will gradually take it to more distant locations.  I already have an idea for my next outing.