Happy Earth Day 2014

ed2014Happy Earth Day.  Are you all being good little eco-children?

Every day is Earth Day for me.  Being Eco-friendly is not just about saving the environment.  It can also save you money.  To me, saving money is even better because in about 40 years, I won’t care about the environment any longer.

Over the years I’ve saved a lot of money by doing various things that one should be doing anyway.

I drive my 54 MPG Hybrid every day and as little as possible.    All the lights in my house are either LED or Compact Fluorescent.    I have six 250 Watt solar panels on my house generating around 8 Kilowatt-hours per day.   I use water sparingly and capture rainwater in buckets for the plants.  My house is well insulated so I need less cooling and heating.  I use very little heating in the winter.  Cold is good.  My new LED backlit LCD TV uses very little power.  My windows have film to limit heat infiltration.

I can go on and on.

So… What are you doing to make the world better?



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