Dreamblog – A Funny Thing Happened

This morning I woke up almost laughing because something funny happened in my dream.  I don’t recall what it was but I thought it was unusual because I seldom experience funny things in my dreams.  Funny Wierd but not Funny Funny.  My dreams are usually so serious.

It’s nice to see something different on my channel.



Possible new job

I hadn’t planned on applying anywhere for at least six months but I just happened upon a really neat looking job just four miles from my house.  Listed on Monster.com, a Facility Technician at a brand new enterprise class data center looks really sweet.  Not necessarily a “computer job” which I am tired of anyway, this position may allow me to use my mechanical, electrical and technical skills in a more hands-on situation.  I don’t really want a strictly computer job anyway.  I want to be able to do many things and move around rather than sit behind a desk all day.

I just sent in my application and resume this morning.  It is far too premature to be too excited but it does feel right.  I drove by the place today to check out its location.  It is still under construction so it is unlikely that even if I am hired quickly, I will not be reporting to work for a number of months.  That suits me perfectly.  I could really enjoy my time off if I know that I have a good income lined up.  Rather than sitting around the house, I could go out and spend some money.  Something I should be doing anyway but that doesn’t feel right without income.

Assuming that I am hired, I think this may be a good fit for me in so many ways.  Of course it’s all in my imagination but I have a pretty logical imagination.

Wish me luck!


Little Orange Tickets of Hope


Hope.  Something I am not intimately familiar with because I lost hope a long time ago.  Maybe it is time to revive the feeling.

During my extended vacation from work, I still harbor the desire not to ever have to do it anymore.  In the words of the Great Bart, “Work is for chumps.”

I’m enjoying my time off and it sure would be nice if I could not work professionally. Permanent retirement. Maybe my investments will pay off big time in the next few months.  Probably not.

A long-shot alternative would be winning the lottery.  Yeah.  Expecting that to happen is pretty unrealistic but not entirely impossible.  Somebody always wins and you can’t win if you don’t play.

I heard a joke once:  A lady prayed to God every night for decades to win the lottery.  Finally God appeared to her and told her she needs to buy tickets first.

I’ve played occasionally over the years.  Usually I might buy a single ticket good for ten drawings.  So far, not very effective.

The Texas Lottery drawing happens twice a week.  It’s not outrageously expensive to buy a $1.00 ticket twice a week if I remember.  At most it would cost $8.00 a month.  Not a bad price for hope.

Wish me luck!


Sixth Grade Academy

6grdWow!  Just when you thought you’ve heard it all.

A school in San Antonio is opening dedicated to new 6th graders.  A whole school.  Because going from elementary school to middle school is too stressful for today’s delicate children.

OMG.  What are we doing to our children these days?  In the past 100 years going from one school to the next was just something you did.  It was no big deal.  Do it and deal with it.  Suddenly it is dangerous and stressful.  What is wrong with the parents?

What is this going to teach the kids?  Not to worry about stressful situations?  The government will make it all OK for you.  Relax.  Somebody will always be looking out for you to make sure your blood pressure doesn’t get too high.

Wow!   I am amazed.  Almost speechless.


Dreamblog – The Mall Apartments

I was leaving work when I thought I might walk around and see some of the other buildings.  The other buildings were very modern and much nicer than the one I work in.  As I wandered I noticed a lot of other young people milling about.

I walked into on of the larger buildings and it was like a shopping mall.  There were stores and restaurants everywhere.  It was an awesome place that I didn’t know about.  I eventually realized that I didn’t know where my car was parked.  Fortunately I met an old friend riding his bicycle and asked him to help me find my car.  He took me to his apartment which was actually part of the mall.   What a wonderful place!  I wish I lived here.

He asked me approximately where my car was but I had no idea.  I couldn’t even remember what color or make it was.  I had my key fob remote and took it out of  my pocket hoping that by pressing the button I could find the car.  When I pressed it, one of the cars right outside the door beeped.   I pressed it again.  Beep!  It was a tiny old blue car with no markings.  It was in bad shape.  No way it was mine.  On the back was a place where the Mitsubishi logo had fallen off.  This was weird.  It must have the same remote code.

I noticed that I was wearing only a white speedo and a black shirt and felt out of place among the mall-apartment kids.  I asked my friend if I could borrow his bike and ride around to find my car.  I hate it when this happens.


Dreamblog – Hostage in the Park

I was riding in a car with somebody I knew.  We drove through a national park I knew and suddenly took a right turn into an area I was not familiar with.  It was a nice drive through trees until we arrived at a large mansion in the side of a mountain.  We went in and were welcomed by an old scientist/doctor.

The main living room looked out through a picture window over a beautiful view of the mountains with a river below.  There were around five other kids there.  As I joined them on the couch I noticed some wires running near the doorway.  I asked if it was an invisible fence for the hamster.  A young girl responded saying it was an invisible fence for them.  If they tried to cross it their eardrums would pop.  Suddenly all I could think of was escape.

We were allowed to occasionally walk through the forest. On my first outing I noticed a hole in the ground leading down to a cave.  There were some people down there.  One said,  “Hey!  Go get some beer and come down and join us.”  I thought it might be a way to escape so our group headed over to a refreshment stand to get some beer.  They were sold out.

While trying to figure out what to do I got a call on my cell phone from a guy at work.  He just kept talking and I couldn’t get him to hang up.


Rain. Glorious Rain!


Woohoo!  Rain in San Antonio.

So far this summer has been relatively nice.  The longer winter with later cool fronts and occasional rain has really made living here not so bad.

About two weeks ago I had 3 inches of rain and today, Memorial Day, I got 4.5 inches.  It is almost like the world is the way it is supposed to be for a change.   Overall, Texas is still in a crippling drought but recent rains are really helping out.  Especially in my back yard where it is most important.

I sure hope this trend continues.  If we can make it all summer without hitting 100 degrees I would be really happy.  It is already the end of May leaving about 5 months of summer left.  I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that this cool and wet trend continues.  I love it!