Fixing hydraulic leveling system on my RV

strtrlyThe last time I used my motor home, the hydraulic levelers stopped working.  They aren’t absolutely necessary but I like stuff to be working.  Since I’ve left my job I had to move my RV from the free storage at work.  It is in my driveway until I can get someone to help me drop it off at my sister’s house for temporary storage.

I decided to tackle the leveling system since I have so much time now.  I traced the power down to the relay on the hydraulic pump.  It clicked but did not activate the motor.  I bypassed the relay with a piece of wire and the pump started running.  That proves that it is the solenoid.

I took it off and tested it on the workbench.  Surprisingly it worked.  Uh oh!

I used a wire brush to clean all the terminals and decided to try it back in the RV.  After cleaning all the connections and reconnecting it worked perfectly the first time.   It turns out it is just a common starter solenoid I can pick up for about $20 at any auto parts store.  Apparently it just needed a good terminal cleaning so that saved me $20.00 right there.

I’ve still got the touch.  This is good for my self confidence.



One thought on “Fixing hydraulic leveling system on my RV

  1. Gary Pete

    I had an auto a/c problem like that – a friend fixed it for free (cleaned the electrical terminals) when it could have cost me $200 – $300 at the dealer – it pays to have some idea what to look for

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