Need to get into shape

xrcseI need to take advantage of my extended vacation to try and get myself into physical shape.  I can feel that my body is begging me to exercise but I keep denying it because I’m just so tired.

I know that getting exercise will fix the tired problem but I don’t have the energy.  It’s a catch-22 situation.

Why is life so difficult?  The answer is to just do it.  Yeah.  Easier said than done.

If I can get myself into decent physical shape I know I will feel better and feel better about myself.  It could only be a good thing.  So why is it so hard?  I came across an old routine called the Royal Canadian Air Force Plan.   If I can make myself do it then I might have a chance to get myself on the path.  Then I can move on to bike riding and maybe some light weight lifting.  I don’t want to bulk up.  I like my puny muscles.  I just want to be more physically fit.

If only I had someone to motivate me every day.  I guess I’ll have to figure out how to motivate myself.  Tomorrow.  Yeah.  Tomorrow.