Dreamblog – Hostage in the Park

I was riding in a car with somebody I knew.  We drove through a national park I knew and suddenly took a right turn into an area I was not familiar with.  It was a nice drive through trees until we arrived at a large mansion in the side of a mountain.  We went in and were welcomed by an old scientist/doctor.

The main living room looked out through a picture window over a beautiful view of the mountains with a river below.  There were around five other kids there.  As I joined them on the couch I noticed some wires running near the doorway.  I asked if it was an invisible fence for the hamster.  A young girl responded saying it was an invisible fence for them.  If they tried to cross it their eardrums would pop.  Suddenly all I could think of was escape.

We were allowed to occasionally walk through the forest. On my first outing I noticed a hole in the ground leading down to a cave.  There were some people down there.  One said,  “Hey!  Go get some beer and come down and join us.”  I thought it might be a way to escape so our group headed over to a refreshment stand to get some beer.  They were sold out.

While trying to figure out what to do I got a call on my cell phone from a guy at work.  He just kept talking and I couldn’t get him to hang up.