Sixth Grade Academy

6grdWow!  Just when you thought you’ve heard it all.

A school in San Antonio is opening dedicated to new 6th graders.  A whole school.  Because going from elementary school to middle school is too stressful for today’s delicate children.

OMG.  What are we doing to our children these days?  In the past 100 years going from one school to the next was just something you did.  It was no big deal.  Do it and deal with it.  Suddenly it is dangerous and stressful.  What is wrong with the parents?

What is this going to teach the kids?  Not to worry about stressful situations?  The government will make it all OK for you.  Relax.  Somebody will always be looking out for you to make sure your blood pressure doesn’t get too high.

Wow!   I am amazed.  Almost speechless.



One thought on “Sixth Grade Academy

  1. Gary Pete

    times change – when my big brother was in 7-th & 8-th, they were at the high school with the big kids –
    thank god we moved, I wouldn’t have survived that

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