Dreamblog – The Mall Apartments

I was leaving work when I thought I might walk around and see some of the other buildings.  The other buildings were very modern and much nicer than the one I work in.  As I wandered I noticed a lot of other young people milling about.

I walked into on of the larger buildings and it was like a shopping mall.  There were stores and restaurants everywhere.  It was an awesome place that I didn’t know about.  I eventually realized that I didn’t know where my car was parked.  Fortunately I met an old friend riding his bicycle and asked him to help me find my car.  He took me to his apartment which was actually part of the mall.   What a wonderful place!  I wish I lived here.

He asked me approximately where my car was but I had no idea.  I couldn’t even remember what color or make it was.  I had my key fob remote and took it out of  my pocket hoping that by pressing the button I could find the car.  When I pressed it, one of the cars right outside the door beeped.   I pressed it again.  Beep!  It was a tiny old blue car with no markings.  It was in bad shape.  No way it was mine.  On the back was a place where the Mitsubishi logo had fallen off.  This was weird.  It must have the same remote code.

I noticed that I was wearing only a white speedo and a black shirt and felt out of place among the mall-apartment kids.  I asked my friend if I could borrow his bike and ride around to find my car.  I hate it when this happens.