Little Orange Tickets of Hope


Hope.  Something I am not intimately familiar with because I lost hope a long time ago.  Maybe it is time to revive the feeling.

During my extended vacation from work, I still harbor the desire not to ever have to do it anymore.  In the words of the Great Bart, “Work is for chumps.”

I’m enjoying my time off and it sure would be nice if I could not work professionally. Permanent retirement. Maybe my investments will pay off big time in the next few months.  Probably not.

A long-shot alternative would be winning the lottery.  Yeah.  Expecting that to happen is pretty unrealistic but not entirely impossible.  Somebody always wins and you can’t win if you don’t play.

I heard a joke once:  A lady prayed to God every night for decades to win the lottery.  Finally God appeared to her and told her she needs to buy tickets first.

I’ve played occasionally over the years.  Usually I might buy a single ticket good for ten drawings.  So far, not very effective.

The Texas Lottery drawing happens twice a week.  It’s not outrageously expensive to buy a $1.00 ticket twice a week if I remember.  At most it would cost $8.00 a month.  Not a bad price for hope.

Wish me luck!