Possible new job

I hadn’t planned on applying anywhere for at least six months but I just happened upon a really neat looking job just four miles from my house.  Listed on Monster.com, a Facility Technician at a brand new enterprise class data center looks really sweet.  Not necessarily a “computer job” which I am tired of anyway, this position may allow me to use my mechanical, electrical and technical skills in a more hands-on situation.  I don’t really want a strictly computer job anyway.  I want to be able to do many things and move around rather than sit behind a desk all day.

I just sent in my application and resume this morning.  It is far too premature to be too excited but it does feel right.  I drove by the place today to check out its location.  It is still under construction so it is unlikely that even if I am hired quickly, I will not be reporting to work for a number of months.  That suits me perfectly.  I could really enjoy my time off if I know that I have a good income lined up.  Rather than sitting around the house, I could go out and spend some money.  Something I should be doing anyway but that doesn’t feel right without income.

Assuming that I am hired, I think this may be a good fit for me in so many ways.  Of course it’s all in my imagination but I have a pretty logical imagination.

Wish me luck!



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