The Spurs are killing me!

bskbllOMG!  It has to be one of the worst things about living in San Antonio.  It’s bad enough all season long when you have to hear about the Spurs immediately after the weather.  I make a game of changing the channel right after the weather before they can say the word, “Spurs”.

Now that they are in the playoffs, it is unbearable.  SPURS! SPURS! SPURS! SPURS! SPURS! SPURS! SPURS! SPURS!  Everywhere you go!  Constantly on TV and the radio!

I can’t stand it.  I hope they lose and soon.

The only thing worse than having the Spurs in the playoffs is having them win.  All the drunken mexicans drive around town honking their horns and yelling at 1:00 in the morning.

After that, we have to put up with “Champion” talk for years.

Please let this be over soon!