Quick Movie Review – Her

herI’ve been waiting for this movie to come out at Redbox for a while.  I finally saw it and decided to rent.

I like the idea of falling in love with an Artificial Intelligence.  Samantha was a little too artificially intelligent for me though.  Too real.  If your AI girlfriend is going to be that realistic then it is basically the same as a real one.  Kind of defeats the purpose.

Anyway.  I liked the movie.  It is not that far off to see the world of technology becoming so personal.  It is almost that way already.  It is not weird at all anymore to see someone walking along talking to someone on their Bluetooth headset.  We have gotten used to it.  We are not that far off from using voice to control our computers and environment.  I already feel like I’m living in the future when I use Serie to do stuff for me instead of having to type with my fingers.  The next version of ios is supposed to be even more hands free.

The movie was a bit long for my enjoyment.  I kept wishing it would be over.  Don’t get me wrong though.  It was still good for a one-time viewing.  Not a keeper on my list though.

As I was watching it made me think of a new product I have been watching that is in development called Emospark.    It is basically the same concept.  Maybe it will be the seed from which the technology grows.  It could also be the beginning of Skynet.