Quick Trip Report – Palmetto State Park

pmstI just got back from a quick RV outing to Palmetto State Park near Gonzales, Texas.  During my career-break, my sister is letting me park my RV at her house near Seguin.  I wanted to take her and my mom out for a little outing.

It is a little late in the season to be outside in Texas.  Mid-June is not the time to be leaving the house because the weather is hot, Hot, HOT and more HOT!  Fortunately having an RV with air conditioning makes it at least bearable if you stay inside during the most blazing part of the day.

We only spent one night at the park but that was enough.  We got there on the first day about noon.  After docking the motor home we made a quick lunch and attempted to sit outside.  Fortunately the park is covered with nice tall trees so avoiding direct exposure to the atomic furnace was easy.  Still, the humidity was so high that it was difficult to breathe but we managed to enjoy the outdoors for a while.

By 2:00 there was just no way.  We went inside and watched a movie that I had brought along.  As evening approached we attempted to walk one of the trails along the river.  We walked slowly and my 84 year old mother managed quite well.  It was only a 1 1/4 mile trail but after only a short while we were dripping with sweat.  The short trail seemed to go on forever.  It was a nice trail and we enjoyed the trees, plants and spiders along the way.  Finally we made it back to the RV and jumped inside to evaporate under the nice, cool A/C.

Still to hot to be outside, we watched another movie until darkness fell.  We went outside again to see what it was like.  It was dark and the lightening bugs blinked over our heads.  You don’t see them much anymore.  The moon beamed through the tree canopy and a million crickets chirped, synchronized in a pulsing roar.  The mosquitoes took advantage of us so we didn’t stay out very long.

We slept pretty well after our long journey.  Morning came and after some breakfast my mom and I walked over to the springs and lake to see what they looked like.  Pretty nice area.  A number of people were camping in tents.  I don’t know how they could stand it without air conditioning.  That must really suck.

By the time we got back, even in the cooler morning air, we were covered with sweat.  In high humidity the sweat doesn’t evaporate.  You just get wetter and wetter and hotter and hotter.

It wasn’t too bad sitting outside as long as you aren’t moving.  After lunch we packed up and headed back.

Overall it was a good trip.  I can imagine it would be really awesome in cooler weather.  I plan on going back one day…. in the winter.



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