Bread Failure #1

badbrdToday I decided to make some bread.  How hard could it be?  Apparently harder than you might think because it ended in spectacular failure.

I borrowed my mom’s Oster machine with a bread making thing.  It did not look like a regular bread making hook that you see on TV.  More like two corkscrews.  I should have known right then but I trusted Oster.

I followed the instructions in the book that came with the machine.  It called for milk which I didn’t have.  No other bread recipe I’ve ever seen needed milk but I trusted Oster.  I had some powdered milk so I figured it should be fine.

Most recipes require “Bread flour”.  All I had was all-purpose flower which the internet says is not that different.  My yeast is many years old and I’m pretty sure it is dead or just plain tired because after making a hell of a mess in the kitchen and ending up with more of a powder than a dough, I had to add more water and after sitting for the required 30 minutes, there was no rise.

A bad sign.  I gave it more time while I went out and cleaned the swimming pool.  Nothing…  I knew I had failed at that point and didn’t bother trying to bake it as a loaf.

Looking for ways to not waste the “dough” I found ideas on the internet about making Naan bread or pizza crust.  I decided to go for the easier naan option.  Just take some dough, spread it out and bake it.

Although it is edible, I would not call it bread of any kind.  It tasted more like children’s playdough after spending time in an oven.  I give up on this one.

I guess I’ll try again sometime with some fresh yeast, some bread flour and a better recipe.  I don’t see how taking all the time and making all the mess is better than spending 59 cents at the local grocery store for a loaf of bread.  It might taste better if done properly but is it worth all the trouble?  Even if the bread cost $5.00 a loaf it would still be worth it to buy it rather than make it.

On the other hand, knowing how to make bread would come in quite handy after the EMP hits us.  I guess I’ll at least put the effort in to learn the skill.




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