Attitude is everything


It is said that reality is created in your head.  You see what you want to see.  Life is what you make of it.

Sounds like a lot of hooey.

In today’s conformist society, this sounds like a huge load of BS because we are brainwashed by our friends, the media and our oppressors.

Every once in a while I can glimpse the real meaning of the concept of making your own life but it is quickly whisked away by my poor memory and the daily brainwash.  I’m even having a hard time understanding it right now as I type.  It totally made sense while I was brushing my teeth just a few minutes ago.

Basically, by changing your attitude  you change the world.

The life simulation you are in can be controlled if you really want to.  The world is as you see it.  If you change the way you see it, then the world changes.  It is just that simple.

Some people have the natural ability but others, perhaps the majority, don’t have a clue.  Others, like me, struggle to grasp the concept.

You have heard people say that happiness is a decision.  They sound like total idiots but suddenly I am thinking they are on to something.  The only problem is that they are oversimplifying.  They are giving you the answer but not showing their work.  That’s the hard part.

It’s late and I’m tired.  I think I will meditate on this a bit tomorrow.  I think there is potential in this idea.



2 thoughts on “Attitude is everything

  1. Gary Pete

    I’m reading a book, “Happiness is a Choice” by Barry Kaufman – he addresses this very issue

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