Quick Movie Review – The Purge

thprgThe Purge is a movie with a seriously twisted premise.

Once a year, the government allows 12 hours of murder from 7pm to 7am in order to reduce the population.  A family locks down their house in an attempt to survive the purge.  Their young son brings in a homeless man who is out in the street pleading for help.

I have to admit that this was one movie that I could not predict what would happen next.  That’s kind of a nice thing.

The whole idea of a government sponsored night of murder doesn’t sit well with me.  I’m all for reducing the extra population but I would prefer a more humane process like putting a genetically engineered virus in beer to sterilize all the common people.  An antidote might be mad available for those who apply for a breeding license.

Overall, The Purge is not a bad movie.  I’m glad I didn’t pay big money to see it in the theater though.