Getting some exercise

wlkngI’ve been doing a pretty good job of sticking to a mostly daily routine of starting out each morning with a little exercise.  The first thing I do after getting up and dressed is to do a little of the Royal Canadian Air Force exercises and then walking around the block.  Each day I try to do a little more.  Maybe one day I’ll work up to jogging or running.  It depends on how long my retirement lasts.

I’m not sure how long my walk is.  My piece of the neighborhood is about four streets running parallel to each other.  I walk up and down each one once.  I wonder if there is a pedometer app for the iPhone so I can measure it.  There hast to be an app for that.  If not, I’ll have to drive it in the car and see what the odometer reads.

Even though it is usually around 8-8;30 in the morning, it is usually cool enough but very humid.  I come back sweating and immediately tear off all my clothes and jump in the pool to cool off.

Contrary to my expectation, it is a good way to get your ass moving for the day.  After the exercise and cool down I feel like doing something rather than plunking down on the couch in front of the TV.  I’ve heard of this before but did not believe the illogical hogwash.  I also feel a little better mentally.  Maybe I’m on to something.