Memory – My first and last date

Here’s a forgotten memory that just turned up.  Perhaps it was repressed.

It was somewhere around 10 years ago.  I was eating lunch in a Chinese restaurant near work.  I was dining alone and there was an older woman sitting alone at another table.

She started talking to me.  I don’t remember what was said. She must have liked me or something because she invited me to go out to dinner with her family, more specifically, her daughter.  I don’t recall the details but I met them for dinner and then we went to see a movie.  I seriously don’t remember anything about the family or their daughter.

Shortly thereafter, for standard reasons, I fell into a seriously deeeeeep depression.  I did not accept calls from anyone including the lady who tried to contact me a number of times.  It was a very bad time in my life and I could have died.  Eventually she gave up.

I forgot about the whole issue.  Looking back upon it, I was a total idiot to blow off the opportunity.  Such a chance in life doesn’t strike twice.  It is obviously not good to dwell on lost chances.  It’s like seeing that your numbers won the lottery but you didn’t buy a ticket.  Still.  It happened.  It wasn’t a dream. How insane is that?

I can only dream that it would ever happen again.


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