Memory – The Forklift

frklftIt was sometime in the late 1980s.  I was working at an office supply store and needed to get something from a top shelf in the store room.

There was a forklift and nobody else around.  I had used the forklift before a couple of times so thought nothing of it.  I maneuvered over to the rack and gently lifted the palate off the top shelf.  I backed up with the lift still way up in the air and suddenly there was a massive boom right above me.

I had knocked a huge air conditioner duct loose from the roof and it fell right on top of the cage of the forklift.  There is obviously a good reason that forklifts have such a cage.  I would have been killed if it had not been there.  That was the last time I ever drove a forklift.

There is also a good reason many places require training before you are allowed to use a forklift.  Of course this was the 80s and nobody cared about safety back then.  That was a 90s thing.