CDC – Masters of the Obvious

mastrobvToday, in the news, the Center for Disease Control is warning U.S. Citizens to not visit areas of Africa where the Ebola virus is running wild.

Thanks.  How much am I paying you for that?

It’s like telling us not to play with uranium.  Duh!

Second… Who the hell goes to Africa anyway?



Who am I?

lkinmrI hate looking in the mirror.  I don’t know who that person is.  Seeing that image looking back at me through the toothpaste splatters with eyes that look so lifelike scares me.  Why is that guy older than me?  Why is he so ugly?

Looking in the mirror reminds me that I don’t know who I am or what I am supposed to do.   It makes me think of reality.  It makes me think.

I don’t like mirrors.


Is Technology Really Advancing?

erlybclIt may appear that technology is advancing at an incredible rate but is it really changing at all?  Things have gotten smaller, faster and cheaper but they are really all still the same.  Have we reached the end of our technical abilities?  Is there anything more?


The first chain driven bicycle was invented around 1885.  Other than having more gears and fancy brakes it remains technically basically the same.  The base bicycle design has been the same for 129 years.  Isn’t it about time we upgrade it?

Should we not have hovercars by now?  The internal combustion engine has remained basically the same since its invention back in 1885 as well.  Pistons going up and down.  There was a revolutionary new engine called the Wankel rotary engine for a while but it disappeared.  The rest of the car…. the same.  Brakes, the same.  Transmissions, the same.  Wheels, the same.  Steering wheel, the same.  All better but still the same design.  Nothing has essentially changed.  Stagnant.

Think computers are new?  Not really.  The computer is based on the transistor which was invented in 1948.  Even the most current CPU is composed of more and more tiny transistors.  Faster and smaller yet the same.  We were promised Quantum Computing a few years ago but that never happened.  Until the Intel Quantum 100 CPU shows up we are still working with 1948 technology.  Come on!  Get a move on!

The Jet engine was invented back in 1928.  It remains virtually the same today.

Think satellite communications are new?  Nope.  1957.

LCD?  Nope.  1972

LEDs?  1962

Fiber Optics?  1880

Cell phones?  1973

The Internet?  Way back in  1969.

The Microwave oven?  Even further back 1n 1944.

Solar power is new, right?  Sorry.  1839

Nuclear power is totally new.  NOT!  The first nuclear plant went online in Russia in 1954.  To make it worse, nuclear power just creates steam to turn a generator turbine.  STEAM POWER!  Not exactly fresh tech.

So what the hell?  What are the world’s scientists and engineers doing?  They’re  just taking something we already have and putting a clock in it.    Come on guys!   We’re all getting older here.  Let’s get onto important things like quantum computing, weather modification, free energy, antigravity, teleportation and the singularity .  We don’t have much time left.  Move it!  Move it!  You have less than 50 years to get this done!  Chop chop!  Make yourself useful!


Evidence I am living in a hologram

mtrxI have had a theory that I am living inside a computer simulation.  Today I uncovered further evidence.

I am thinking about switching my TV service from DirecTV to U-verse to save money.  I went to the AT&T store to check it out.  On the back wall was a TV and a sign indicating U-Verse TV demonstration.  I asked an employee if I could play with it to try it out.  She told me that they don’t have U-Verse at the store.  My mind boggled.  How can they demonstrate it if they don’t have it?  How can they expect to sell the service if they can’t demonstrate it?  They all thought I was crazy for wanting to try it before I buy it.

I asked where I could go to try it out.  They had no idea.

Ah-HAH!  See!  The programmer of this simulation did not expect me to come to try out U-verse TV.   Holographic people would just buy something without even caring if they like it.   He did not program a subroutine to handle such a request by a live person like myself.

The proof is adding up!   I see what you are doing to me!  I’m on to you!


Heaven is for real?

hifrThere’s a movie out called, “Heaven Is for Real.”  It’s about a boy who experienced Heaven during a near-death experience.  He also recalls things that happened before his birth.  A story that has been told plenty of times over the years.

So, Is Heaven for real?  All I can say is, I seriously hope not.

The last thing I need after an interminable life that just goes on and on is either an eternal existence or worse, being reincarnated and have to spend another lifetime on Earth.   What happens if this keeps happening again and again?

If there is a god, I can’t imagine he would allow such a terrible thing to happen.  The best gift of your whole life would be to allow it to end peacefully and permanently.

I know that the majority of people want there to be a Heaven or to be reincarnated.  Personally, I can’t imagine even wanting that.  Enough is enough.  Why would you want more?  I do not find any consolation in the possibility of eternal life.

Better or not?

bttrSo….  My life has changed a bit after I quit my job.  It actually changed less than I expected but is it better now?  Yes.  I’m not wasting my life working for the man but am I still not wasting my life?  I fill my time doing other things as my will desires.  Usually stuff around the house because the world is way to hot and crowded during the summer to go anywhere.  Maybe in October.

I still spend a lot of time worrying about my future.  How it is not as I desire.  How what I want is not attainable and what I’m supposed to do about it.  I still go to bed every night praying for death in my sleep and being disappointed every morning.   I think perhaps I incorrectly blamed work for all my problems.  It seems that work is only a subset on the Venn Diagram of life.

There must be something out there that makes life better. I don’t know what or where it is.  I don’t know how to even start looking for it.  Do I keep trying or do I give up?  Giving up would be far easier.  I’m not sure if whatever it is can be attainable or is even tangible.  Am I over-thinking the problem?  Does the problem even exist?

So far, in my research, the purpose of life is existence itself.  We exist to exist.  Just like that.  Anything else we attempt to tack onto that is icing on your doughnut.  It melts away after a day or two.

So back to me.  Yes.  I think my life is better now that I am not working.  It hasn’t totally sunk in yet.  I’m still 25% in limbo.

Can it be even better?  Yes.   What can I do to make it so?  I don’t know.  Should I try?  I don’t know that either.  Does anybody ever know?