Solar heated hot tub

hshtrI don’t often use my hot tub in the summertime.  I much prefer sitting in a nice hot tub in the middle of winter as steam rises around me.  It’s awesome!

It has come to my attention that most people prefer to use their hot tub in the summer.  They say it is too cold in the winter.  I don’t get it but people are people.

I decided to try summer tubbing.   One of the nice things about summer is free heat if you need it.  I already have an enchanted water heater for the house.  It works for free in the summer.  I think there should be a free way to heat my hot tub in the summer as well.

At first reading, the tub’s temperature is 79.3.   A comfortable temperature for summer swimming.  A little cold at night though during the time I would most be likely to use it.  I happened to have a submersible pump and a lot of garden hose so I dropped the pump into the tub and connected all the hose together and laid it out in the sun.  After turning on the pump and purging the preheated water from the hose, the stable reading at the output was 7 degrees higher than the input.  That’s not bad!  I wouldn’t want it to be too hot in the summer anyway.  Just comfortable would be great.

The submersible pump uses 30 watts of power.  Easily covered by my solar panel array.   Now I’ll just wait and see what the tub temperature looks like at the end of the day.  It has already gone up .5 degrees as I write this.


The temperature got up to 93°.  Almost too hot for summer use.  Free energy is awesome.