Are your government officials qualified to be in their positions?

Mayor Julian Castro of San Antonio was just confirmed as the new Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).   Nice for him but I find this another example of appointing an unqualified person into a position of power in the government.

Who is he?  Just some guy who was mayor of a lame town in Texas.  He has a degree in law from Stanford where he self-admittedly boasted that he got in because of Affirmative Action.  How sad.

According to President Obama:

“Julian’s been focused on revitalizing one of our most wonderful cities, planting thousands of housing units downtown, attracting hundreds of millions of dollars of investment. He’s built relationships with mayors all across the country.”

That’s a bit of a stretch.  Any mayor can try to do that.  Downtown San Antonio still sucks. Nobody goes there and never will.  The real development is on the north side.

The point here is that he is only slightly more qualified to be Secretary of HUD than anyone off the street.  This is NOT the way to run a government.  The proper person to fill this position is someone with a Doctorate in Housing and Urban Development.   Not Law.

We don’t need people in high positions who are going be learning on the Job.  We need professionals and the United States citizens should demand it.

Another example is Hillary Clinton being appointed as Secretary of State.  She was a senator having no real experience  or education on matters of foreign affairs.  How did that help the country?  Not very much, obviously.

A regular person can’t become director of a large company if he doesn’t have an appropriate degree and experience.  How can this happen in something as important as our government?

How can the United States expect to run a professional government if any random person without proper preparation can take a high office?  Something is wrong here.  Doesn’t anybody care?