Memory – Two True Computer Stories

mac2ciStory 1:  Eating Floppy Disks

About 18 years ago, I worked computer support at Brooks Air Force Base in San Antonio.

One day we received a help ticket saying that the computer was not ejecting floppy disks.   Hoping to save a trip I called the user and asked about it.  She said she kept putting disks in but they never worked or came out.  That sounded pretty weird since you can’t put in more than one disk at a time.  I mentioned this to my co-workers.  They were also intrigued.  We decided to all go see.

Macintosh IIci computers had a single slot for floppy disks and a place for a second drive to be installed.  The cover for the hole for the second drive had come off and looked identical to the slot for the real drive.  The user had been putting disks into the empty slot.  I opened up the case to see a stack of floppy disks lying on the motherboard.  We all had a good laugh on that one.

Story 2: The Autoexec Bat

Another help ticket indicated that the computer was acting funny.  Sometimes resetting itself.  It was another interesting call so a few of us went to check it out.  We confirmed that something was wrong but couldn’t find any software issues.  Eventually we pulled the machine out from under the desk and found that a bat had tried to crawl into the power supply probably attracted to the warm air.  He had gotten his wing jammed into the fan keeping it from spinning and overheating the power supply.

I quickly reported that it was his autoexec bat.

Bwa ha haaaaa!  You would have to be a classic computer guy to laugh at that one.