Evidence I am living in a hologram

mtrxI have had a theory that I am living inside a computer simulation.  Today I uncovered further evidence.

I am thinking about switching my TV service from DirecTV to U-verse to save money.  I went to the AT&T store to check it out.  On the back wall was a TV and a sign indicating U-Verse TV demonstration.  I asked an employee if I could play with it to try it out.  She told me that they don’t have U-Verse at the store.  My mind boggled.  How can they demonstrate it if they don’t have it?  How can they expect to sell the service if they can’t demonstrate it?  They all thought I was crazy for wanting to try it before I buy it.

I asked where I could go to try it out.  They had no idea.

Ah-HAH!  See!  The programmer of this simulation did not expect me to come to try out U-verse TV.   Holographic people would just buy something without even caring if they like it.   He did not program a subroutine to handle such a request by a live person like myself.

The proof is adding up!   I see what you are doing to me!  I’m on to you!