Heaven is for real?

hifrThere’s a movie out called, “Heaven Is for Real.”  It’s about a boy who experienced Heaven during a near-death experience.  He also recalls things that happened before his birth.  A story that has been told plenty of times over the years.

So, Is Heaven for real?  All I can say is, I seriously hope not.

The last thing I need after an interminable life that just goes on and on is either an eternal existence or worse, being reincarnated and have to spend another lifetime on Earth.   What happens if this keeps happening again and again?

If there is a god, I can’t imagine he would allow such a terrible thing to happen.  The best gift of your whole life would be to allow it to end peacefully and permanently.

I know that the majority of people want there to be a Heaven or to be reincarnated.  Personally, I can’t imagine even wanting that.  Enough is enough.  Why would you want more?  I do not find any consolation in the possibility of eternal life.


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