Is Technology Really Advancing?

erlybclIt may appear that technology is advancing at an incredible rate but is it really changing at all?  Things have gotten smaller, faster and cheaper but they are really all still the same.  Have we reached the end of our technical abilities?  Is there anything more?


The first chain driven bicycle was invented around 1885.  Other than having more gears and fancy brakes it remains technically basically the same.  The base bicycle design has been the same for 129 years.  Isn’t it about time we upgrade it?

Should we not have hovercars by now?  The internal combustion engine has remained basically the same since its invention back in 1885 as well.  Pistons going up and down.  There was a revolutionary new engine called the Wankel rotary engine for a while but it disappeared.  The rest of the car…. the same.  Brakes, the same.  Transmissions, the same.  Wheels, the same.  Steering wheel, the same.  All better but still the same design.  Nothing has essentially changed.  Stagnant.

Think computers are new?  Not really.  The computer is based on the transistor which was invented in 1948.  Even the most current CPU is composed of more and more tiny transistors.  Faster and smaller yet the same.  We were promised Quantum Computing a few years ago but that never happened.  Until the Intel Quantum 100 CPU shows up we are still working with 1948 technology.  Come on!  Get a move on!

The Jet engine was invented back in 1928.  It remains virtually the same today.

Think satellite communications are new?  Nope.  1957.

LCD?  Nope.  1972

LEDs?  1962

Fiber Optics?  1880

Cell phones?  1973

The Internet?  Way back in  1969.

The Microwave oven?  Even further back 1n 1944.

Solar power is new, right?  Sorry.  1839

Nuclear power is totally new.  NOT!  The first nuclear plant went online in Russia in 1954.  To make it worse, nuclear power just creates steam to turn a generator turbine.  STEAM POWER!  Not exactly fresh tech.

So what the hell?  What are the world’s scientists and engineers doing?  They’re  just taking something we already have and putting a clock in it.    Come on guys!   We’re all getting older here.  Let’s get onto important things like quantum computing, weather modification, free energy, antigravity, teleportation and the singularity .  We don’t have much time left.  Move it!  Move it!  You have less than 50 years to get this done!  Chop chop!  Make yourself useful!



2 thoughts on “Is Technology Really Advancing?

  1. DFW

    What are you doing about it? I have some ideas to work out and test. One is plus minus gravity devices for space travel but I need to achieve absolute zero of conductivity materials. Any suggestions? This test shows excessive electromagnetic problems to nearby electrical devices.

    1. Unfortunately there’s little I can do about it. I’m too old, lazy and uneducated. The best I can do is beg those who can to make it happen. I wish you well on your project and hope that you will soon change the world.

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