Remote Control Appreciation

rmtctrlThe remote control.  High on the list of best inventions ever.

Have you ever thought about the remote in your hand?  Thought about how it works and just how awesome it is?

It is most probable that your remote control works by transmitting a coded burst of infrared light that is received by the equipment and decoded to perform your bidding.  Skipping those annoying commercials or muting those you can’t.

People of today might not fully appreciate the remote control.  Those born after sometime in the 80’s probably have never thought twice about something so ubiquitous.   I remember our television set when I was a kid in the 70’s.

We had a huge console TV with a built-in record player and stereo system.  The TV had a motorized tuner with a rocker switch on the front panel.  I spent a lot of time lying in front of that set and changing the channels with my toe.  That was almost remote control.  I didn’t have to use my hand.

My first experience with a real infrared remote was when we got cable installed in the 80’s.  The TV stayed on channel 3 and you selected your channel with the remote.

Not too much has changed since then.  Remotes still work basically the same way.  One day we might be able to change the channel with our thoughts.  That might not be too far away.