Think happy thoughts…Think happy thoughts….


I find myself slipping into unhappy thoughts.  I recognize when it happens and I know better than to go there but my willpower is weak.

My problem is that I have a shortage of happy thoughts to replace the bad ones.  The more time I spend trying to come up with some happy thoughts about which I can think, the more it makes me sad.

I’ve made my list of things to be grateful for but they no longer help.  By making them tangible, I’ve made them meaningless.

The best I can do right now is just to avoid the bad thoughts and try to stay in the void of non-thinking.  Boy that’s tough.  It’s such a good thing I have TV.  TV is an excellent tool to reduce thinking.   Hooray for TV!  If only I liked alcohol.  I understand it is helpful in this arena.

I guess I’m going to try to make a list of happy thoughts.  I have lists all over my house.