Applied for a job today

After becoming tired of living with an uncertain feeling about the financial sustainability of my early retirement, I decided to apply for a job at Rackspace.   I just happened to browse the job listings on my iPad and there it was.  I know a number of people who work there and my resume is certainly good enough.

I also figured that it might be best to get back into the labor life before I got too deep in appreciation of not working.    That would only make it more difficult.  Besides.  Like I said before, eventually whatever I need comes my way.  There is a good chance this is what I need.

It’s a longer drive to work than I wanted to deal with but I guess I can handle it.

I obviously don’t know whether I get the job yet but it actually feels good that I am trying.

Financially, I might have been able to get by for 14 years but it would have been a serious stretch and not a very enjoyable existence not being able to spend money on things.   There’s no denying that unless I come up with some lottery winnings, it just isn’t wise to retire at 46.

If I can manage another 5-10 years of work then I can plan to retire at 55-ish.   Still early relative to the standard which keeps rising.  It will probably be 80 by the time my generation reaches retirement.  Maybe never if the economy tanks again.  Retirement may be an old-fashioned idea.

I do plan on living better and trying a new attitude toward work.  Having a fresh job will be very helpful in making that happen.  Working at such a neat place might make it even easier.

By living better, I mean not being so cheap and allowing myself to spend money on fun things.  Being cheap has served me well financially but at the cost of my mental health.

So we’ll see what happens.  Still no rush on getting hired.  It’s just good to keep my options open.  Overall I feel better on the inside and that’s what’s most important.