The Precipitational Uncertainty Principle

rinI’ve noticed that rain is much like a watched pot.  The more you watch it, the longer it takes to boil.

Rain is rare in San Antonio.  The weather here takes great joy in being hot and dry until everything bakes to a crisp including me.  Every once in a while the rain comes towards the city but evaporates as it reaches the magical barrier. 

When I was a kid, rain would come quite often but now that we have the technology to view the radar on our phones and tablets it comes less often. 

Similar to Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, the simple act of observing a system changes it’s function.  True in the world of quantum physics but apparently also true when it comes to rain.

Yesterday there was rain in the area.  I watched it closely on the radar willing it to come hither but it stayed yon.  I could hear the thunder and feel the rain cooled air but got nothing.   Another opportunity came late last night.  I completely avoided observing the radar and low and behold, it actually rained!    You may say that other people were watching the radar and it rained anyway but other people are not me and may not actually exist.  Therefore the only effective observer would be myself.

I guess I’ll have to stop watching the weather in hopes that it will be more likely to come my way. I only got a 1/2 inch but it was something!  Something is better than nothing in most cases.