An interesting idea

tnyhsI’ve just had an interesting idea.  I’ve had it before but it was lost in the depths of my stupid messy brain.

I could rent out my house in San Antonio and move to a small town nearby for a few years.  Hmmm.  This is very interesting.

I could rent my house for approximately $1000 a month.  Subtracting property taxes and repairs I could have an income around $700 a month.  That would give me about $8400 a year.  I live on $15,000 a year so that cuts my expenses in half.  It would probably cost me a little less to live in the country.

I can live in my RV for a while or go traveling in it.

I could buy an acre of land for around $16,000 and build a small house for around $25,000.

That would get me out of the city.  I could work for myself or get a job to make up the rest.  It would make my savings last even longer.  I could always sell the San Antonio house in the unlikely event that I need big cash.  When I reach retirement age or my mom passes away I can sell or rent both houses and make my big move to Colorado.  I would have all that cash, my retirement portfolio plus social security to wane out the rest of my years.

There is a lot of research I need to do on this possibility.  It may be crazy but I am excited about even having the chance that I could do this.  The hardest part would be deciding whether it is what I want or not.

Another thing to add to my possibility list.

I think I’d still prefer the ebola.  It would be much easier.