Damsel in distress

Last night I was driving home from my mom’s house when I came up to the intersection at the highway.  A small car had just stopped and turned on its hazard lights.  I pulled up next to it prepared to ignore the problem.  It was a young girl.  I succumbed to my good side and rolled down my passenger side window and asked her if she needed help.  She said yes.

We were fist at the intersection so I turned right from the left lane and pulled into a corner u-haul parking lot.  I walked over behind the car and told her to put it into neutral.  After she did that, I barely touched the car and it started rolling.  I expected to have a hard time pushing it like I did with my old BMW once many years ago.  It moved with little effort and we pushed it around the corner into the same parking lot.  I must be really strong.

I asked her if she had someone to call and she said yes and was already dialing.   I said OK and went back to my car and came home.



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