I am now a published author!

coverHooray!  I finished my Lonely Man Dinners cooking and advice eBook. 

It is written for single guys just starting out either going off to college or moving to their first house or apartment.  Cooking doesn’t always come naturally and can be scary.  This book is written for lonely guys by a lonely guy so you know it has what you need to get started in the area of feeding yourself.

It took me a long time to compile my favorite easy recipes and kitchen advice but it was a fun project.  I can only hope that somebody buys it now.  There are a lot of “cooking for one” books out there and I didn’t read any of them because I wanted to be sure I was writing freshly. 

Having quit my job I had more time to write so now it’s done.  Thanks to Amazon.com for making it so easy to publish your own eBook.  I hope sales are at least a little successful because I want to entice a few people I know who also want to write books to go ahead and do it.  In today’s world of self-publishing, there’s no reason you should not publish if you have a good story to tell. 

I wonder if I could write a book on another subject?  Possibly my fight with depression.  There are lots of those out there already but there’s always room for more and everybody’s is different.

Wish me luck and buy my book




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