Police – Excessive use of deadly force

plcfrcI’ve written before about the police using excessive or deadly force but it didn’t seem to do any good because it just keeps happening.

I’m not the kind of person to say that the cops are bad but they are obviously overstepping their bounds.  Their job is to “Protect and Serve.”  These things can be done without even possessing a gun.

In the recent example of the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, the police took down a guy with a knife using six bullets.  A little too much?  Yes.  Even a single bullet is too much.   When you bring a gun to a knife fight, it is likely that the gun will win.  If you have to shoot, shoot him in the leg.  Not the head and heart. That’s for War.

It all falls back to the elephant in the room that nobody talks about.  Police are putting their lives way ahead of those whom they serve.  The police are so afraid of the thugs that they feel a hail of bullets is the best choice.  Police are supposed to put their lives on the line to protect even those they are arresting.  Going in with body armor and heavy weaponry may save their own lives but that’s not the goal here and sets up a bad image.

In most cases, the bad guys do not want to kill the police.  They shouldn’t have such a fear.  Yes it will happen sometimes but that’s part of the job.

We need to return to the mentality of Protect and Serve and don’t fear the reaper.  Be nice and don’t act like a pompous ass.