Dreamblog – The Women and the Knife

I was lying in bed early this morning when my doorbell rang.  It was far to early to get up and answer it so I didn’t move.  Eventually I got curious about who it was so I went to the upstairs living room to look out the window.  (I don’t have an upstairs living room.)  As I walked into the room I noticed three women had come up the stairs to the front deck.  One unlocked the door with a key.

Weirded out that she would even have a key I asked, “Can I help you with something?”  They walked in and the one with the key said that she had left a couch and table here and wanted it back.   I had been living here for 18 years and had never spent any time in the upstairs living room so I decided it would be OK for her to take the couch and table so I helped them take it out.

I was back in bed when a man with a knife came into my room and up to my bed.  I made to stab me and I grabbed his arm saying, “I’m not ready yet.”  He pulled his arm out of my grip and stabbed at my legs.

I woke up.  Good thing I have an alarm on my house at night to keep out the crazy ladies and prevent knife-wielding maniacs from sneaking up on me.